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Image of Recycled Skateboard Pendant Lamp

Recycled Skateboard Pendant Lamp


The Recycled Skateboard Pendant Lamp is created using the nose and tail sections of discarded skateboards. More than a dozen skateboard decks are used in the construction of each lamp. Due to the nature of skateboarding, the nose and tail are worn down from contact with the ground, this creates space between the layers when they are assembled together. Small amounts of light seep through the worn areas creating a unique light pattern. Each lamp is made by hand and is totally awesome.

Each lamp is cut, glued, and sanded by hand. Scraps of grip tape are used as sand paper. A glossy enamel finish is applied for protection and to enhance the vibrant colors.

. dimensions 4" x 5.25"

. comes with 15' cord set

. requires 10w LED bulb (not included)

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